Some new words – briefly from us here in Vietnam!

It’s that time of the year when Loreto Program has undertaken appraisals of all current projects. Our bottom line in undertaking all ventures is sustainability – offering initial help to local communities and boosting them to futuristically support themselves. Our recent evaluations has finalized TWELVE projects which are now ‘on their own’. We are sad to ‘leave’ our friends in local districts – but thrilled that they have been boosted to sustainability.

We have committed to a number of new projects as well and ironically our final ‘count’ is also  TWELVE refreshing starts!

“Twelve is the number which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit.”

“Number 12 ‘people’ (the current Loreto Team) are very versatile, energetic and professional in their work. These people are family conscious and are open and friendly in their relationships.”

The Loreto Program keeps moving, is inspiring and rousing because of the TEAM who undertakes every single project task with energy and positive, amazing and impelling effort. My heartfelt thanks to each and all.

Trish AO: CEO 







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