Loreto Vietnam is committed to ensuring the human right to education is accessible to all students and believes that through ‘education for change’ the lives of individual students, their families, schools and communities will be transformed.

Loreto Vietnam is part of a dynamic global network of schools, educators and social ministries with an extensive history in education. Their aim is to ‘lift learners into the future’ with a clear focus on children who are disadvantaged in some way, particularly by disability, remote location or poverty.

Since its foundation over twenty years ago, Loreto Vietnam has made it a priority to convert schools into child-friendly environments that inspire young learners, supporting students by providing tools like school packs containing books and stationery, bicycles to assist rural children in getting to school, and scholarships for financially disadvantaged children.

Loreto Vietnam aims to ignite a passion for learning and a love for education that will stay with young students throughout their lives.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 of ‘quality education’ underpins these efforts of Loreto Vietnam. Additionally, the aim of building capacity and empowerment in the schools where it works, in partnership with their local communities, ensures long term effectiveness and sustainability.

Rural school environments have improved through the refurbishment of toilet blocks from broken, dank outhouses, into clean, bright and private facilities where students learn the skills of communal hygiene, libraries filled with new books have added to the learning atmosphere, inspiring a passion for reading in students, and the creation of computer labs has enabled the study of STEM subjects within schools and facilitated thousands of students to train in computer skills.

Loreto Vietnam has a strong belief that the most affordable, accessible and sustainable way forward is through education. The work of Loreto Vietnam seeks to deliver access to effective learning environments and support for life-long learners. Through the provision of quality education with the support of Loreto Vietnam the potential of Vietnam’s most disadvantaged children will flourish and social change will occur.