School Sanitation and Health Education

Access to clean water and basic sanitation is the right of every child. In remote areas of Vietnam, many children have limited access to clean water supplies, making them vulnerable to diseases caused by poor hygiene.

To raise awareness and improve sanitation standards, Loreto Vietnam runs health education programs with school communities and builds toilet blocks that provide students and teachers with easy to clean sanitised tile areas, dignified water closet areas for boys and girls, new wash basins and water storage tanks.

To further expand the knowledge of students in hygiene, health and appropriate toilet practices, health posters are displayed in toilet blocks.

A donation of $8,000 to $10,000 can fund a safe, clean toilet block for a school in need. Since the “School Sanitation and Health Education” program began, we have built 23 new toilet blocks with hygienic water and sewerage systems, renovated 25 damaged toilet blocks and trained 18,000 students with new health knowledge and skills.

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