We are girls and we love science.

We Are Girls and We Love Science

“Pink for girls and blue for boys”. Do you find this statement familiar?

And what else? Boys are good at science, technology, engineering and mathematics while girls are good at literature, drawing and cooking. These general assumptions and gender stereotypes have been there for a long time, limiting both boys and girls from going beyond social norms and discovering their own talents and passions. These myths and misconceptions need to be challenged.

For women and girls, these gender biases and stereotypes have been keeping them from being who they are and doing what they want to do. Freedom for women and girls is not only about breaking social barriers but also about empowering them from within by enabling their access to good education and opportunities. And yes, women and girls can surely do more and do greatly in science, mathematics, statistics, technology, and construction. This truth is essential for their own growth and also for the sustainable development of the whole society.

And that’s our belief and how Loreto Vietnam have been devotedly presenting women and girls more opportunities to be exposed to quality and comprehensive education. And for sure, we are so happy to hear them proudly raise their voices “We are girls. We love education. We love science.”


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