An Giang Province lies in the Mekong Delta in the southwestern part of Vietnam sharing a 95 kilometer border with Cambodia in the north west. The main ethnic groupsfound in the province are the Kinh, Khmer, Cham, and Hoa. An Giang is crisscrossed bymany rivers and canals which make a convenient water transport system. The two tributariesof the Mekong river, the Tien and the Hau, run across the Province. They deliver millions of cubic meters of alluvium annually to the region. As a result, the deposits have formed several islets which are extremely fertile and covered with lush green vegetation.An Giang has long been famous for its traditional occupation of mulberry growing, silkwormraising and silk weaving.

Tri Ton District in An Giang Province is a rural district. The population is about 120,000 and the district covers an area of 589 square kilometers. The district’s capital is 44 kilometers away from Chau Doc. In Tri Ton District there is a sacred mountain system named “Seven Mountains” where many monks live. Tri Ton is the most sparsely populated of the districts in An Giang, being quite mountainous. There is a high proportion of Khmer persons in this district who carry out meager and paltry agricultural work that is laborious and does not bring a high income for many ‘poor households’. There are two towns and 13 rural communes in Tri Ton District.

‘D’ Ba Chuc Primary School is in Tri Ton District. There are 224 students in 10 classes and 28% are Khmer. 48% of the children come from ‘poor households’ with a monthly income of US$19. Parents are hired laborers and are often migratory: this means that there children live with grandparents and are very undernourished and thin. A boring, non-motivating ‘room’ at the school is called a ‘library’: the old donated books are very few – along with a number of Khmer newspapers. Other books are only text books. Item of interest: two young boys (Year 8 and Year 4) are students at this school: they live alone, have no relatives and cook for themselves.

Loreto Kids Charity will renovate, upgrade and refurbish the old ‘library’ and equip it with educational resources, many beautiful and exciting story books and lots of games. This new atmosphere will surely instill a greater love of literature within the students and also escalate their learning and study.

Kindly sponsored by International Choir and Orchestra in HCMC

Update News……On December 21st 2015, all students at ‘D’ Ba Chuc Primary School eagerly rushed to join the “Friendly Library” Opening Ceremony. Like the “bookworms” with tremendous excitement, all the kids were thrilled to be one of the first library “explorers”. The students read, drew, shaped many imaginative objects with clay, played chess and board games, etc. The new inspiring library is truly a “treasure” for rural students. Our warmest gratitude to the International Choir and Orchestra in HCMC for the meaningful donation that made a positive impact on so many dis-advantaged children’s learning lives.

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