An Giang Province lies in the Mekong Delta in the southwestern part of Vietnam sharing a 95 kilometer border with Cambodia in the north west. The main ethnic groups found in the province are the Kinh, Khmer, Cham, and Hoa. An Giang is crisscrossed by many rivers and canals which make a convenient water transport system. The two tributaries of the Mekong river, the Tien and the Hau, run across the Province. They deliver millions of cubic meters of alluvium annually to the region. As a result, the deposits have formed several islets which are extremely fertile and covered with lush green vegetation. An Giang has long been famous for its traditional occupation of mulberry growing, silkworm raising and silk weaving.

This village where ‘B’ Nhon Hung Primary School is situated has a high rate of ‘poor households’ – the average monthly earnings amount to $19. The parents of the students work as farmers and fishermen and take jobs that are migratory and itinerant.

The very poor children of ‘B’ Nhon Hung Primary School, Tinh Bien District in An Giang Province have a makeshift, non-standard ‘library’ with very few chairs, tables, shelves and books. The books there are merely text books and do not give the kids any enjoyable reading: the boring books are not motivating nor do they encourage the students to read/learn. The school has 190 students in all and the worthy addition of a trained librarian with seven years’ experience in this field of teaching.

Loreto Kids Charity will renovate, upgrade and refurbish the old ‘library’ and equip it with educational resources, many beautiful and exciting story books and lots of games. This new atmosphere will surely instill a greater love of literature within the students and also escalate their learning and study.

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