Tra Vinh Province is in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The capital is Tra Vinh town. Besides having mostly Vietnamese, Tra Vinh Province is populated with many Khmer people: they are members of the Khmer Empire – later divided under political and historical turmoil. The Province is divided into seven Districts.

The topography of Tra Vinh Province includes coastal plains, alluvial deposits, hundreds of mounds and sand caves as well as a complex network of rivers and canals.

Surrounded by the Tien and Hau river and long coast, Tra Vinh's economy is based on agriculture, aquaculture, fish and shrimp breeding. The Province is covered by luxuriant plants in garden villages along banks of rivers.

In Tra Vinh Province there are 140 Khmer pagodas, 50 pagodas of Viet (Kinh) and 5 pagodas of Hoa (ethnic group). The famous ones include: Ang, Sam-rong-ek, Co, Hang. Co Pagoda is home to thousands of birds including storks and pigeons.

Châu Thành is a rural district of Trà Vinh Province. It has a population of 150,000. The District covers an area of 339 square kilometers. The District capital lies at Châu Thành.

My Chanh ‘B’ Primary School lies in Chau Thanh District. The total number of students is over 200 and 20% of them come from ‘poor households’ (average monthly income = $19). The students of My Chanh ‘B’ Primary School have no essentials to embark on any kind of Information Technology learning. Keyboard skills are practised on paper keyboards. The school has an IT teacher who is also the librarian. The school also has a room which can be renovated and equipped to become an exciting, new Computer Room.


Loreto Kids Charity will refurbish this old room and equip it with all essentials to enable the students to have appropriate and fitting information technology lessons – an essential precondition for them to join the modern world of communication and knowledge through the use of the internet.