Ca Mau is a city in southern Vietnam. It is the capital of Ca Mau Province – a region characterized by its system of transport canals: goods are conveyed here by boats and barges. Ca Mau Province is the southernmost of Vietnam’s 58 Provinces. Being surrounded by sea on three sides, fishing is an important industry in Ca Mau Province which is the biggest exporter of shrimp and prawns. An extensive network of canals also supports a strong agricultural sector as well as providing a popular means of transport.

This Province has several attractions that draw domestic and international tourists. These include several wild bird parks and a number of Khmer pagodas.

Ca Mau Province is divided into 8 Districts.

Nam Can District is one of these. It has a population of 70,000 persons and covers an area of 533 square kilometers.

Kinh Ranh Primary School (a sub-campus of Dat Moi Primary School) is situated in Nam Can District. This campus has five classrooms that are in a very dilapidated state. One room is used as the kindergarten area and the other four rooms are for Primary Classes. The rooms are dull, boring and unattractive – even dangerous - and are certainly not motivating in supporting the young children’s learning. 

Loreto Kids Charity will totally renovate the five rooms of Kinh Ranh Primary School and make them appealing and pleasing places to study and bring a sense of refreshed eagerness for the enthusiastic kids – as well as empowering the teachers to teach with renewed fervor.