Ca Mau is a city in southern Vietnam. It is the capital of Ca Mau Province – a region characterized by its system of transport canals: goods are conveyed here by boats and barges. Ca Mau Province is the southernmost of Vietnam’s 58 Provinces. Being surrounded by sea on three sides, fishing is an important industry in Ca Mau Province which is the biggest exporter of shrimp and prawns. An extensive network of canals also supports a strong agricultural sector as well as providing a popular means of transport.

This Province has several attractions that draw domestic and international tourists. These include several wild bird parks and a number of Khmer pagodas.

Ca Mau Province is divided into 8 Districts.

Dam Doi District is one of these. It has a population of 200,000 persons and covers an area of 796 square kilometers. Dam Doi District is famous for the Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary which is the home to many types of storks. The birds in the reserve make nests in the top of very high trees and the birds search for food in the early mornings.

Dong Tam Primary School is situated in Dam Doi District. This campus has five classes from Year 1 to Year 5 – though ‘shift learning’ is necessary because there are only three classrooms. All children at Dong Tam Primary School cannot receive a full day of formal learning. For the 100 students attending classes – and their 6 teachers there is only one ‘toilet’ – that is totally unusable – and has been so for the past two years. Doors have fallen off the current ‘building’ and the area is infested with overgrown weeds and wild plants.

Update News: In December 2015, Loreto Kids Charity handed over a new tool for Health Education to Dong Tam Primary School. From an impoverished school with a seriously primitive and downgraded toilet block, the “waterways” children now have access to a clean and hygienic learning environment. On the other hand, the current classrooms and furniture are very dilapidated and have become more and more uninviting for these young children. Loreto Kids Charity is calling for generous donations toward the renewal of this disadvantaged school campus. 

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