Tien Giang Province has one city, one town and 8 Districts – one of which is Go Cong Dong District. South west of HCMC, Tien Giang Province is a region of fine rice-growing: another area is well known for fruit growing and the 32 km-long beach offers huge fish catches. Go Cong Dong District is near the ocean area and, due to its low elevation, the rise and fall of tides infiltrate the soil – making it too salty for ground water wells. Erosion also threatens valuable coastal forest.
442 households in Go Cong Dong District are termed as very poor family units. Shortage of safe water is a big problem. Sometimes families have to pay for buckets of water and this is a burden for the poor.
Two sub-campuses (Xom Moi and Xom Gia) of Kieng Phuoc Kindergarten in Go Cong Dong District are desperately downgraded: because of cracked, leaking roofs and damaged framework poles (the classrooms were built a long time ago) – the run-down classrooms are dangerously used for only a small number of five-year-old young learners. Both campuses have no toilets. The main campus is too far away for poor farmers to transport their children there.
The Education Department of Go Cong Dong District has requested that Loreto Program construct a new kindergarten combining the sub-campuses of Xom Moi and Xom Gia. This will accommodate more three – five year olds from the hamlets in having good opportunities to learn and to play within a safe, clean and stimulating environment. Noteworthy is that toilet blocks will be connected to each classroom ensuring improved hygienic situations for the young children.
Overall, it is unmistakably implicit that a new learning environment for struggling families in this District and their ambitious children will bring overall profitable development to this burdened area of Tien Giang Province.