Ca Mau Province (the capital city is also called Ca Mau) is the southernmost Province in Vietnam and it is characterized by its systems of transport canals: goods are conveyed here by boats and barges. Being surrounded by sea on three sides, fishing is an important industry in Ca Mau Province which is the biggest exporter of shrimp and prawns within Vietnam. The extensive network of canals also supports a strong agricultural sector as well as providing a popular means of transport.

This Province has several attractions that draw domestic and international tourists. These include several wild bird parks and a number of Khmer pagodas.

Cai Nuoc District is a rural district in Ca Mau Province: it has terrain of a flood plain and as such, the main industry in the area is prawn and blue crab farming. Cai Nuoc District is divided into 32 communes. The District is also negatively impacted by climate change and salinization. In many lagoons in Ca Nuoc District there are many famous wild birds. The Cai Nuoc floating market is where locals exchange – buying and selling agricultural products, fruits, food and many other specialties of the Mekong Delta.

Dong Thoi 2 Primary School lacks teachers because of its isolated locality. The main campus has 120 students – many of Khmer origin:  most families are recognized as ‘poor households’ ($19 per month). Employment for parents is unsteady and unstable and their children walk long distances to go to school.

The school has requested the current ‘library’ (damaged floor, walls, leaking roof, appalling run-down classroom furniture, tin/wooden shelves, no books, no resources) to be renovated and become an alive place where the kids will enjoy reading and learning.

Kindly sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ballarat, Australia

Update News…… The Loreto Team, with our utmost delight, expresses our heart-filled gratitude and admiration to the Rotary Club of Ballarat, Australia for partnering with Loreto Kids Charity, in successfully implementing and completing such an inspiring and life-transforming project, which is renovating and equipping a new “Friendly Library”. All the children at this school with their contagious happy smiles - and the whole Dong Thoi 2 School Community are forever grateful.

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