Phú Yên is a coastal province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It is the easternmost province of Vietnam's mainland. Prior to the 15th century, Phú Yên belonged to the Kingdom of Champa. Phú Yên borders Bình Định Province to the north, Khánh Hòa Province to the south. Phú Yên is separated from these provinces by two passes: Cù Mông pass in the north and Cả pass in the south.

The province's topography consists of hilly regions in the west and the fertile plain of Tuy Hòa in the east. Lowlands also extend west along Đà Rằng River. The main rivers that flow across Phú Yên are Đà Rằng River (the largest river in Central Vietnam), Ban Thach River and Ky Lo River. Song Hinh Lake, a large artificial lake, is located in the southwest of the province.

Phú Yên has various picturesque landscapes, such as the Ô Loan Lagoon, Sông Cầu coconut ranges, Đá Bia and Nhạn mountains, Rô Bay, Xep Beach and Long Thủy beach.

Sông Hinh District is a rural district of Phú Yên Province.  Its name is taken from the same river that runs through the District – the  Hinh River.  The District has a population of 380,102 and covers an area of 885 km². The District capital lies at Hai Riêng. Duc Binh Dong Primary School is situated in Song Hinh District. The school has five classes of students – numbering 109 in total. The parents of the children are farmers (earning a living by growing sugar cane and cassava): others work in factories nearby. Many parents and grandparents do not have employment:  therefore, they stay home to take care of their children rather than sending them to school.

Duc Binh Dong Primary School has a room available to become a library. The poor students here have never read any enjoyable story books: they only have text books to read. They are thirsty for enjoyable and exciting reading to liberate their imagination and creativity.

Update News…….. The UPS Foundation funded this “Friendly Library” project. The generous foundation was given toward the renovating and equipping costs of Duc Binh Dong School’s library. The room will be equipped with new bookshelves of all kinds, games and other educational resources. The students at Duc Binh Dong Primary School will soon have chance to wander in ‘literature gardens’ and draw their dreams of a bright future. The Official Opening of this inspiring project will happen in May 2016.