An Giang Province lies in the Mekong Delta in the southwestern part of Vietnam sharing a 95 kilometer border with Cambodia in the north west. The main ethnic groups found in the province are the Kinh, Khmer, Cham, and Hoa. An Giang is crisscrossed bymany rivers and canals which make a convenient water transport system. The two tributariesof the Mekong river, the Tien and the Hau, run across the Province. They deliver millions of cubic meters of alluvium annually to the region. As a result, the deposits have formed several islets which are extremely fertile and covered with lush green vegetation. An Giang has long been famous for its traditional occupation of mulberry growing, silkwormraising and silk weaving.

‘A’ Vinh Trung Primary School has 648 students and 90% of the children come from poor and near poor Khmer households. The school belongs to a disadvantaged village. A major number of parents leave their children at home with old and sick grandparents to go to other industrial zones to work as factory workers with ‘hand-to-mouth’ wages. Other people are struggling farmers and have low academic education, so their involvement as well as assistance in the kids’ learning is bare and minimal.

Although this area is renowned for being a cradle of talented music (dancing and singing) performers of Khmer origin, Music Education in rural schools is exceedingly limited. A dedicated Music Teacher has passionately taught music to the students at this school for more than six years regardless of many disadvantaged conditions. Musical instruments comprise only one keyboard, some small and broken drums and a few old rhythm sticks. For many years, there has been no budget for equipping teaching aids for this subject. The Music Teacher goes to each classroom to teach music.  All in all, students’ activities and engagement are highly inadequate.

In order to raise the level of importance and enjoyment of music education in the school’s curriculum, Loreto Kids Charity will refurbish a “hall room” and turn it into a Music Room so that this vital part of the school’s curriculum can be seized and cherished and the potential of the kids’ musical capabilities can be tracked and developed.

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