Starting school can be a daunting experience for young children.... which can turn into a wonderful adventure with support and guidance 


Exploring their new learning space... at Nhon Hoi kindergarten, An Giang province during the opening ceremony, these kindergarteners are curious about the world around them, and eager to enjoy playing and learning in their newly built kindergarten.


M.’s “best friend” is a rough and worn-out “school bag” (it used to be a bag that local people use to store rice) with a princess image decoration. “This is my school bag!”, the girl proudly smiled and uttered while opening her “school bag” to show the Loreto Team exercise books and school stationery inside. Living with an old grandfather, who has a severe stroke, a jobless grandmother and two young siblings, M. is a purely optimistic girl. Drawing is her best hobby. We wonder if one day this little girl will miraculously become a “fashion designer”. When she smiles, you hardly can believe it’s a shining smile of a child who was abandoned by her poor and illiterate parents…


Going remote and far-flung – to the Loreto Team – means we have got used to these bizarre realities at Primary Schools: toilets.  

There is either none or there are three (no joke!!!) as the image shows. The primitive tin “box” did not look that “scary” until we opened the door and looked inside what serves as a “toilet” for teachers. The adjacent banana shrubs were marked as, “toilet zones” for Primary and Kindergarten children.

This photograph was captured on our recent reconnaissance trip to Tien Giang Province (Mekong Delta region) in early March. If only you could smell the smell!, you would never ever question why Loreto Kids Charity has passionately undertaken many toilet block projects and will continue to do so – unflaggingly…


A labourer is eating his hasty lunch on a corner of Vam Cong Ferry Station before heading back to work.

‘KEEP CALM and HAVE LUNCH’ … Let this overhasty life reward you one minute in the middle of your hardship.


Every mother’s simple wish is to be able to: "Send her children to school".

However, this wish is not easy for the mothers in far-flung areas because of their limited resources.  The possibility to send their kids to school is also limited.

(Photo taken at Son Ca & ‘C’ An Cu Kindergarten, Tinh Bien, An Giang, Vietnam_November, 2015)

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