As the Loreto Team heads to the “Saigon Saints” Grand Final on Saturday 28th September – we know that sadly - the MIGHTY BLUES are not playing this day! But our passion for this fabulous TEAM is booming in our hearts – forever……!!!

Blues for Premiers in 2014!!!!!! CFC


One family lives at the bottom of poverty and sickness. The parents are HIV patients. Their seven year old son who is studying at a pagoda is also HIV-positive while the two-and-a- half-year-old daughter is not.
Their life is surrounded with garbage and discarded chaos near a polluted river. Their slum is on the edge of a piece of dump. If a company/organization/government body comes to build anything there, they will have to move out. “How can they wake up every morning and move on?” uttered Trish Franklin – CEO of the Loreto Program.
There is far worse than filth or poverty. Sickness. Discrimination. Tangles of the dark.


One charming beauty of the countryside of Vietnam is that parents take their children home from school on sunny village roads. On a business trip in Ca Mau, chancing on a mother coming to school to pick up her two little children, the Loreto Team shot this image with a sudden and moving inspiration. The mother was adoringly hugging her darling little daughter as they walked home together. Sunlight … conical hat … worn red jacket … old plastic flip-flops … green bush … all created a stunning colorful picture.


This shot was quickly captured when Australian musician Aaron Edward Carpene along with Ms. Cat from Australian Consulate visited Sunrise Special School for the Intellectually-Challenged. While Aaron was playing the keyboard, BM staff and Loreto Team were stirring the kids up to sing along.  Eyed in one corner, these two boys seemed to be totally immersed in their “close friends” time.

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