This little girl could not contain her excitement upon hearing she would receive a brand new pair of sports shoes! The burden of walking a long way to school each day and comfortably participating in P.E classes is now decreased….. “lifting learners into the future”………

As this was her (and most of the students’) first pair of sports shoes, she watched carefully as she was shown how to lace the first shoe and with perseverance and determination very proudly laced the second shoe herself! Thanks St. Timothy’s – Melbourne – Australia.


This little hearing-impaired child is one of many students receiving nutritional support (through Loreto Program) at Niem Vui Disability Centre in Phu Yen Province. The Team was recently informed that she ‘saved’ her one carton of milk per day (and took it home) for her sister – who’d broken her leg.
“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  - Charles Dickens



On a recent visit to Can Thanh Special School, Can Gio we were delighted to see a huge improvement in the children’s health as a result of receiving nutritious meals at school each day.
The children told us that the food was “so delicious!” and that they loved eating at school. This photo captures the true delight of one student as he enjoys his healthy lunch meal. 


These boys have been the best of friends since they began Kindergarten at “Sunrise Special School”. They are always laughing and playing together and are lovingly protective of one another.
The first photo was taken in 2011 and the second photo just last week (2014) and it is safe to say these two best friends will be in each other’s lives for years to come creating many more memories together.


Torn shirt – but re-stitched and darned with contrasting colored thread……….
Torn heart and eyes – but patched up with love and care of his family………….
Torn life – filled with poverty – but mended within the adoring arms of the Loreto Program


The Loreto Program continued to support disadvantaged children in rural Vietnam by delivering 112 new bicycles and helmets in Tra Vinh Province on 18th October 2013. The journeys to school are now easier and more joyful for so many underprivileged kids.
We happened to see a one-handed father giving his son ‘a hand’ to get the new bicycle home.

The kid uttered: "Our family has never had a bicycle! It’s so cool to have this new two wheels friend!!!”

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