A young Khmer mother with her child – in An Giang Province

…..’from the moment they placed you in my arms – you snuggled right into my heart’………..


…..’you are precious in every way, the SUNSHINE in my day, the JOY in my SOUL and the LOVE of my life’……………. Mum


On a recent trip to Phu Yen Province by Loreto Team Members fell upon a little room/’kindergarten’ on stilts in a deep rural, semi-mountainous area (and it was cold too!). Committed happy teachers! Contented kids – sleeping on the wooden floor and snuggled together under shared blankets!!!!


 Loreto:                         Whose bags are they?

One of the students:      They are P.’s school bags.

Loreto:                          P. oi! What’s in the yellow bag?

P. :                               Da (Yes), a bottle of water and my exercise book.

Shall you – my dear friends - walk to school with such a bag on your shoulders? Shall you be ‘cool’ when your peers point at the old wrinkled plastic bag and talk about you/it? The expected answer is definitely ‘NO’.  You don’t use it even for rubbish.

Dear P., be a courageous ‘soldier’ in this challenging life! Look ahead and believe that your future will grow from your struggling days at school.  


What is the tiny little thing in that red basket at the back of her bicycle?”  “Wait a minute. That’s a baby! A little girl!!! How creative! Ingenious! Great balance skill kiddo!!!!!” …Necessity is the mother of invention… What an intelligent and graceful invention of a young countryside mother! (Reconnaissance trip in An Phu, An Giang – October 2014)


Seven year old V……… disabled by dwarfism – showed a very moving outreach to her school friend at Can Thanh Special School. L…….. has cerebral palsy and couldn’t run around the school yard to chase the myriads of bubbles. V…….. sat beside L…………, dipped the bubble wand and put it to her friend’s mouth. L……. blew and a beautiful and amazing reciprocity of joy exploded in front of these two amazing kids!


No matter which country you live in around the world, there’s nothing better on a hot afternoon than diving in for a swim with your friends! This photo was taken in the Mekong Delta River, An Giang.

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