I have been a Loreto Volunteer for just one Term for “Swim with A Vision” activity, but I am very happy and proud of what I have done. Previously, I had had little chance to be with disadvantaged and disabled children. So I couldn’t imagine how their life was. With “Swim with a Vision” I helped a boy named Huy. He is so well-behaved and swims very well. He is always excited whenever he is in water and learns quickly. He shouted excitedly when he received a one-star medal from Trish. I am so proud of him.

 Tố Như



"You have been doing a good job!" said Ms. Trish. I was so thankful to her for encouraging me a lot during the time I was swimming with Ha My, my little sister. I was really joyful after I had been in the pool with the fantastic kids. They taught me how to overcome "destiny" and live happily. Yesterday, they were thrilled because they received medals from Ms. Trish. In my eyes, they were not only awarded medals but also hope and faith in a brighter future.
Cẩm Ánh


Swimming with kids gives me a chance to test my level of patience. It also increases my communication skills. From this activity, I understand how lucky my life is and I stop complaining. 

Hồng Diệp




I am a new volunteer for Loreto. I take part in swimming lessons for kids. I am very happy to meet them every weekend, though the school is far from my house and sometimes the weather is very sunny or very cold. But every week, I meet the children and learn many things and I like to be with them and to interact. I hope I can meet and help more disadvantaged children from other schools.

Xuân Hạnh


After years of  involvement in Loreto Program volunteer activities, I’m so proud of myself that a new light has been brought to poor and disabled children in Vietnam. I’m really happy that Loreto Program is becoming more and more ‘out in the open’, so that one day there will be less poor or disabled kids.”

Minh Hưng




By joining Loreto, I not only learn about a responsible spirit and teamwork skills with an INGO but also to know more about disabled children’s optimism. Besides, I feel great with the experience I have gained, and  I also have more friends here.

Khánh Loan


Believing Through Simple Things. People say “meaningful things are recognized from simple things!”. With myself, I found them in many volunteer activities. Remembering the first day I joined "Swim With A Vision” as a volunteerI was to support the swimming teaching of students from the School for the Blind I took the lead with Hao. We think that “Eyes are the windows of the soul”, and when “these windows” are damaged, we are afraid it will be a wall preventing communication to the world. But Hao was clear evidence that this was not so. First, he seemed bored when he practised the first steps of the process: he seemed easy to get tired. I was afraid that his health was not good enough to do these steps with high intensity: but at that moment, I realized the determination in his smile. He practised many times . Although he sometimes felt tired, I found he had a strong belief in himself. He still practised hard. I smiled and he did too. Hao reminds me about the lesson of determination. You need to have passion and trust in the future: every difficulty will not hinder your feet. This is a simple thing, but when something difficult comes to me, I always remember Hao’s belief, and I become fully confident!

 Lâm Uyên



If saying that volunteer work makes me grow up, or makes me proud, or helps me to relax, they are all cliché. About me, Loreto gave my heart a department to the land of desire, of charity, honesty and happiness. Every time I help a desperate and poor soul, I am not afraid, or overwhelmed with negative emotion, for I know my heart is big enough, my mind is deep enough, and my limbs are wide enough. My heart is big for storing for  others who are really there and need my help. My mind is deep enough to think and care for people around me and  for the kids. And my limbs  are wide to hug all the ones that I love into my heart and my mind. Thank you, Loreto, for being there and for helping me approach my duty, my wish, my hope and my happiness.
 Trí Toàn


My name is Triet, and I have been with Loreto for nearly  two years. I decided to commit with Loreto because I think it’s very meaningful to do something for Vietnamese children in my free time. Then I got involved in various activities and became engaged with Loreto’s vision, which is simply to bring smiles to Vietnamese children. 
I feel happy actually, to have spent my time  doing something that is beneficial for the children. Although I now prioritize my work over volunteer activities, I still feel some commitment, some engagement with Loreto and grateful for what  it has done.
 Quốc Triết


Being a member of Loreto Volunteer Group is the most meaningful decision in my life. Loreto is a place to connect me with kids who need others’ support. It’s a two-way connection. I help them: they also help me to learn more lessons that I thought I’d forgotten such as being happy, being simple and being helpful. Thanks lovely kids, and thanks Loreto.

 Quốc Bảo