LV engages in projects of constructing and/or equipping schools in Vietnam. Due to our vision to promote self -sustainability we entrust the entire learning environment to local Education Departments and communities to lead the 'running' of these schools after completion of building and resourcing. 

For volunteers from overseas – LVAP’s request for personnel will always be posted on the Australian Volunteers International (AVI) website or agreed to through the assistance of Mary Ward International or other credited volunteer agencies. These volunteer placements will always be six months minimum and volunteers are required to have qualifications in the field of education – preferably with teaching children. All volunteers who entrée LVAP in this way require: a) a special visa application through LVAP: b) police check.




Over the past few years, LV has proudly built up a Core Group of young, spirited volunteers who undertake mainly weekend excursions, swimming lessons and other activities for the children in the care of the Loreto Program. This wonderful group of volunteers form special relationships with the children and passionately provide outings of fun and enjoyable experiences. This Group is finely led by our Volunteer Council members who follow up all projects initiated by the Loreto Team. 

For further inquiry, please contact tuyen@loretovietnam.org